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Saturday, 10 June 2017

A guide to 100% natural beauty

Hi everybody and welcome back to my blog!

Today I'm going to talk about natural beauty/natural skincare. In the past 10 years, the beauty industry has exploded. The amount of products on the market can be really overwhelming. Maybe we should go back to the basics. A lot of people have serious skin issues. And they visit dermatologists or spend a lot of money on skincare that doesn't work even though the brand promises that all your skin care problems will fade away overnight. The beauty industry can be really ugly... a lot of brands use harsh chemicals in their products,

they can dry out your skin or cause breakouts, your skin could get "addicted" to the chemicals. So if you stop using the products, your skin could react to that. And the brands are well aware of that because it makes you buy the products over and over again. Of course, everyone has different skin. I have combination skin, and I've been battling with acne since I was 13. I'm 17 years old now, and my skin had finally calmed down.. because of natural skin care. I know a lot of people still battle with skin issues every day, and I know for sure, natural skincare can make a big difference.  
A healthy lifestyle, a good diet and drinking a LOT of water is also very helpful. 
But let's get into the natural skin care (I'm from the Netherlands, so the names of the products aren't all in English)

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a very hyped product right now, but a lot of people don't use it right. It's not the best as a moisturizer because it can clog your pores, so it's not the best to leave coconut oil on the skin. But it's really good as a makeup remover! As long as you rinse it off. Coconut oil also bleaches, so you can use it to bleach your teeth! Just swirl it around like mouth wash for about 10 minutes every night, and it will bleach your teeth, naturally ;) 

The best oils are organic and cold pressed. 

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is the best natural spot treatment, it also fights:
- Bacterial infections
- Psoriasis 
- Fungal infections 
- Eczema 
- Dandruff 
So that's a lot, a lot of creme's or products against the problems above could be addictive for your skin. Tea tree oil isn't. Tea tree oil is very strong so if you use it on your skin, use a little bit or mix it with some water. 

Argan oil

Argan oil is one of the best oils out there because everybody can use it. Argon oil is anti-aging, and it's really hydrating. You can use argan oil as a replacement for your night cream. Argan oil is perfect if you have oily skin because it reduces sebum. If you have oily skin, it's still very important to moisturize, because otherwise your skin will compensate and produce even more sebum (sebum: your skin's own oil, too much sebum causes clogged pores and breakouts) 

Argan oil is also very good for your hair! It's hydrating, and it tames frizz. Argan oil is also good as an all over body oil.

Using good quality argan oil is critical, If heat is applied in the process of harvesting the oil, the quality goes down. That's why you should always buy cold pressed oil.

Good argan oil:
Has a nutty scent (so when it smells like nothing or when it stinks it's probably not cold pressed) 
Is stored in a bottle with dark glass
Is absorbed fast by the skin

Castor oil 

Castor has special benefits because it stimulates hair growth! You can apply this to your eyebrows, your lashes or even all over your hair (at the roots) and you will see results in about 2 weeks if you apply it every day. Castor oil is also excellent for hydrating the skin, and it's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It's also good for preventing stretch marks. 

Cacao butter 

Yes, the stuff used in chocolate ;) And my god It smells just like chocolate! (duh) Cacao butter is, in my opinion, the best body moisturizer because it's super rich and hydrating. You can just melt it in the microwave and apply it all over your body. It's anti-aging, and it soothes burns infections and rashes. 

Aloe vera 

Aloe vera is one of my favorite daytime moisturizers, because it's not oily at all but super hydrating, this is perfect if you have oily skin (guilty). Aloe vera has amazing benefits for your skin, aloe vera:

- Soothes burns 
- Fights and prevents acne 
- Is high in vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin
- Is an adaptogen, that's something that boosts the skin's natural ability to heal itself 

I haven't found an aloe vera gel that is 100% aloe vera. Most of the aloe vera gels sold, contain alcohol. And alcohol is terrible for the skin. A lot of brands claim to be 100% natural, but when you take a look at the ingredients, you find a lot of harsh chemicals. So if you want to use 100% natural aloe vera, just buy the plant! It's really easy to harvest the gel, and it's an endless supply of aloe vera gel :) 

Honey and beeswax lip balm 

Some brands are 100% natural, and I love that! My favorite natural lip balm is the W.S Robson's Honey & Beeswax Lip Balm. Everyone has those days where your lips are just super dry, and nothing seems to work, and you just keep layering on that lip balm. Most lip balms just soothe for a short time, and 10 minutes later you'll need more, the bad guy here is petroleum jelly (vaseline) It's quite addictive for your lips. I use this natural lip balm twice a day, and I never have dry lips, because of the amazing natural ingredients, that actually help. The ingredients: 

- Almond oil 
- Beeswax
- Heather honey 
- Oat oil
- Vitamine E


Witch hazel and apple cider vinegar toner.

A toner is used to get the right PH levels back on your skin, after cleansing it. When you cleanse your skin, you also wash off the 'good oils' a toner brings back the balance. A lot of toners contain alcohol (red flag), so why not make your own natural toner! All you need is:
- A bottle 
- Water
- Apple cider vinegar 
- Witch hazel 

Put 1/2 Witch hazel, 1/4 water, and 1/4 apple cider vinegar in the bottle. Shake it and apply it with a cotton pad. 

Witch hazel is PH neutral, so very good for toning, it's anti-aging, and it brightens and tightens the skin. 

Apple cider vinegar fights acne, and it's antibacterial! 

For more mature skin, you can replace the water and the apple cider vinegar with rose water 

Rose water is very soothing and hydrating for the skin! 

Natural Eye Cream

This eye cream is super easy to make, and really affordable (like most natural skincare). I used, evening primrose oil (comes in capsules) and a burst bees multipurpose cream, as a mixing medium.  I put it in a little pot, in the microwave and stirred it up. Then I put it in the fridge for a while, and that's it! Your own DIY eye cream. 

Evening primrose oil is a hormone balancing oil, you can take them as pills, this will help fight acne. 

I use it in my eye cream because it brightens your under eyes and it's anti-aging (premature). 
The burst bees multipurpose cream is 100% natural, and It's a really good mixing medium for all sorts of DIY creams.

Natural clay mask 

All you need for amazing clay masks is 100% natural clay powder and some water! 

Clays can be used for are amazing face, body and hair masks. A lot of natural ask a lot of money for a mixture of some clay powders. But you can buy big cheap bags of 100% natural clay powder on Amazon, and you can make the masks yourself! I use green and white clay. 

Green clay:

Green clay removes impurities, and it tightens the pores, and it makes your skin super soft! It even treats eczema, and psoriasis Green clay is suitable for younger skin. 

White clay: 

White clay is better for more mature skin because it brightens aging spots. And it's hydrating But young people could definitely use it to get rid of acne scars! White clay also soothes sensitive skin. White clay can also be used as a hair mask, to make your hair very shiny. 

I like to make a mixture of the two clays, add the same amount of water and leave it on for about 30 minutes. 

4 Oils hair mask 

This last DIY is amazing! I mix together olive oil, almond oil, castor oil and argan oil. Put everything in my hair, and I leave it in overnight. The next morning my hair feels super soft and strong. 

Olive oil

Olive oil is really hydrating, and it tames frizz. And it makes your hair super soft :) 

Almond oil

Almond oil controls hair loss, and it stimulates the hair growth, and it leaves your hair feeling super soft and silky. 

I hope you liked blog post number 5! I really enjoyed making it :) Comment, share and follow and hopefully, I'll see you next time! 

xx Lara

Price list and where to get 

You can get all the basic products pretty much everywhere, but the best stores in the Netherlands are: 
Natural Heroes 
Holland&Barret (watch out not all oils are cold pressed)

W.S Robson's Honey & Beeswax Lip Balm €6,95: Dille&Kamille

Multipurpose cream €10,45: Burt's Bees



  1. A lot of very interesting information and truly an inspiration to use natural products.

  2. Love bees wax for my lips and also always use witch hazel as a toner, great post!

    Stella xx


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