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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Reviewing eyeshadow palettes

Welcome back to my blog!
For post number 4, I'm doing a review on three eyeshadow palettes. I use and enjoy eyeshadow every day. So let's get into the review!

1) Too faced natural eyes palette

I've had this palette for about half a year now, and I use it almost every day. It's perfect for an everyday look. The shadows are splendid in my opinion, they are very pigmented, and they blend out very well. Even the light shimmery shade (Silk Teddy) shows up, without using water or a setting spray to intensify it. I do know there have been some issues with Too Faced eyeshadows being a little hit or miss per palette, but my palette is fine. 

I also really like the packaging, it's sturdy, and it has a good mirror inside.
And of course, the design is gorgeous. 

So these are the shades, as you can see I use Silk Teddy and Push-Up the most. 

Here are some finger-swatches on my arm. 

The colour 'Heaven' didn't show up, but it's meant as a base colour to make your other shadow blend better and to stop them from creasing.
I decided to do an eyeshadow look, to show you how these eyeshadows look on the eyes. I started off with 'Heaven' as a base colour all over my eyelid, then I blended 'Nudie' in my crease. After that, I took 'Push-Up' and applied that all over my eyelid and I finished it off with 'Silk Teddy' on the inner third of my eyelid. This is a very good everyday look :) 

All in all, I think this is a really good all-rounder palette, you could use the darker shades for a more bold look. But I really like the light shades for an everyday look :)

2) Juvias's place, Nubian eyeshadow palette. 

So I've also had this palette for about half a year now, this is the perfect palette for warm/glam nude eyeshadow looks. The colours are super pretty, and the pigmentation is by far the best I've ever seen. The shadows are very buttery and blendable. I also think the palette has a nice shade range, and all the shades look beautiful together. 

I don't really like the packaging though, it's quite flimsy. It doesn't have a mirror, and I don't like the green colour of the packaging. I do like the little illustration of the Egyptian woman on the front :)

But of course, in the end, it's about the eyeshadows. Here you can see all the shades. The top and middle one on the right are my favorites. 

The pigmentation is unreal!

For the look, I started by blending shade 3 in the crease, and I gave it a little more depth by blending shade 10 in my crease. After that, I applied shade 8 all over my lid, and a little bit in the crease. I finished it off by applying shade 4 on the center of my lid for a little bit of highlight. 

3) Artdeco palette 

The third palette is a little different because I put it together myself. With the brand Artdeco, you can totally customize your palette, using eyeshadows, blush, concealer, highlighter and contour powder. I have five shimmery eyeshadows on the left, and for matte shades on the right. In the middle, I have a blush. The shadows are really good! They are again, very pigmented, blendable and buttery. I really love that you can choose your own shades because in every palette there is always a shade you don't use. 

I really love the packaging, it's really sleek and sturdy. And the palette has a good mirror. It's not as flimsy as your typical Z palette. 

I have the shades (from left to right) 

91, 10 natural, 540, 551
218, 215, 210, 21, 530, 527

For the look I wanted to do a natural smokey eye, I started off by applying 551 all over as a base, then I applied 218 all over the lid and in the crease. After that, I applied 91 on the lid, in the center. And I finished by adding 215 and 210 on the inner third of my eyelid. 

I really like this palette, it's good for traveling, and I love that it is customizable :) The only shade that didn't really show up was shade 215. 

I hope you liked blog post number for, comment, share and follow if you did! And stay tuned the next blog post is coming soon. 

xx Lara 

Pricelist and where to get: 

Too Faced natural eyes palette $36,- 

Juvia's place Nubian Palette $25,- 

Artdeco Palette (Prices vary, depending on how you put together your palette)


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