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Monday, 3 July 2017

My bullet journal setup

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! for today's post I'm going to talk about a planning system called bullet journaling. So what is a bullet journal? Basically, it's a planner/journal which you draw from scratch. You can use any journal you want, but a dotted journal is the best because it gives you guidelines. Hense the name because of the little 'bullets.' I really love the bullet journal system because you can add anything you want into your journal, you can completely customize it, and it keeps your life really organized. Everyone can have a bullet journal. You can make it minimalistic, or you can add a lot of details to your bullet journal. So let's get into my bullet journal setup!
(A quick disclaimer: I made the following pictures a while ago, so the content is not completely up to date. I'm Dutch, so not everything in my bullet journal is in English)

I use the most popular journal, it's just very convenient, I use the

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dotted journal.

So the first page is your index, the Leichttrum 1917 has numbered pages so you can fill in your index,

 here is an example

The first custom spread is my future log. This is a yearly overview, and you can use it to later add the events in your monthly log. I also wrote down birthdays in my future log.

Like I said, you can add whatever you want into your bullet journal, and that's what I love about this system. So for the next pages, I made a "Goals in 2017" list, and a "Books read in 2017" list. I like to keep track of this, and at the and of the year I can take a look at the goals I had set and look what I have accomplished. I also like to add little things like being happy, not that I'm not happy, but it's a nice thing to have a reminder to be happy with what you got.

This is my begin page for June, with a mountain theme, I'm using this theme for the whole of June.

This is my monthly log, at this point you can take a look at your future log and write down the events you have for the month. The days are 6,5 by 6,5 spaces in my journal.

These are my trackers, i track my habits and my expenses. This is what I love about the bullet journal system because I really like to take track of these two things. And you won't find this in a regular journal. For my habit tracker, I track things like drinking enough water, making my bed and flossing... It's quite handy because I actually floss now haha.

Under the white paper are my expenses
I also like to write down my workout schedule, this is of course very personal but here is an example of mine. I added some drawings to make the workout positive!

The next to pages are for my blog ideas and for some random ideas. I really like this because whenever you just think of something you can write it down and you won't forget it!

The next pages are for my weekly spread. This is your typical journal layout for keeping track of everything. I like to keep this very basic and clear because I use this spread the most.

So that is it! My bullet journal setup! I hope you liked this post and maybe you got some inspiration out of it :) I love the bullet journal system, and I hope you do too now.

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Pricelist and where to get:

Leuchttrum 1917 A5 dotted journal


  1. Ik heb sinds Mei een Bullit Journal. Ik vind het heel leuk om te doen.
    Lekker creatief bezig zijn en je hoofd opgeruimd!
    Liefs Anne

  2. All is neat and organized in the journal and great that you can use all your creativity.
    That makes the journal very unique. ��

  3. I've been longing to try bullet journaling and this helps me a lot for getting started.
    Thank you for writing this! <3


    1. I love that i was able to help you! Have fun with your bullet journal! <3

  4. Hi! I'm a fellow blogger and I think this would help me a lot. Thanks for writing this post :)

  5. I've really wanted to start bullet journaling for a while, we get journals from my school that I love but they don't have goals etc. Thanks for sharing!

    Stella xx

    1. No problem :) I hope you have a lot of fun with your bullet journal! <3


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