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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Stockholm diaries

Hello, and welcome back to my blog!

Today I am doing a post about Stockholm! I went there this summer with my brother and my father. We wanted to go to a European city, and we wanted to go to Scandinavia, so we randomly choose Stockholm! Not knowing what an amazing city it is.

So we flew to Stockholm on the 23rd of Juli, with SAS airlines. And we arrived at the hotel at about 01:30 AM. We had a few hours of sleep and had some breakfast. We had already planned out what we wanted to do the whole week, so for the first day, we went to the old town: Gamla stan.

I personally think Gamla stan is
the most beautiful part of Stockholm, I love the old architecture and all the cute little shops! We had a great time in Gamla Stan. We walked around, ate some ice cream, did some shopping, and we enjoyed the good weather.

Gamla stan is also famous for the Royal Palace, it's in the middle of Gamla stan, and it's wonderful. It is called the Kungliga slottet. We visited it on the inside. For 80 Swedish krona pp (8 euro).

I really loved the Kungliga slottet, I thought it was so impressive!

After a long day, we went back to the hotel and relaxed a little bit because we had something amazing planned for the evening! We went to the first permanent ice bar ever! And it was so much fun. Even the glass you drink from is made of ice. The bar is located inside of Hotel C, in the center of Stockholm. Right next to the central station. It was minus 5 degrees Celsius in the bar.

This was in Hotel C. 

Everone got a coat and some gloves so you wouldn't get too cold.

So that was day one, on day two we want to this beautiful park called Hagaparken. And we visited a butterfly house inside Hagaparken.

We just chilled a little in Hagaparken, then we went to a music store for my brother

After that, we went back to the Hotel. And that was it for day two :)

Day three was shopping day, I personally love to shop in foreign country's because you always find stuff you can't get at home. I didn't take pictures on day three but I bought some amazing stuff! Stockholm is just perfect for shopping, you have so much more than in the Netherlands!
I bought these wooden and leather heels from a Swedish brand Dasia, and I just absolutely LOVE them! They are really comfortable for a high heel, and they are so timeless and pretty.

The sweater is from Brandy Melville, and I also love it! It's super comfortable, and you can feel that it is a good quality sweater.

 The amount of makeup stores in Sweden is unbelievable, I was so excited when I found out that there is a Sephora in Sweden. So, of course, I went there, and I bought the Toofaced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette, and the Kat Von D lock it loose setting powder. Both products are really good, the Kat Von D powder is by far the best powder I've ever used!
At the end of the day, we wanted to go to the Vasa ship museum, but it was closed already :(

Day four was my father's birthday! So we started off the day with breakfast in bed for my dad and with a gift card for a nice bracelet! We really wanted to go to the fotografiska, it is a photograph museum, but it ended up to be very far, and we sadly couldn't reach it with public transport. And walking would take to much time and we miss our flight. So we went to the city center that day, we drank some coffee, and later we went to the airport to go back home.

I absolutely loved this city trip! It was so much fun with my dad and my brother, and I really liked Stockholm. I would definitely go again!
I hope you liked my first travel diaries post, I will be making more! I'm going to New York this year so stay tuned!
Bye bye x Lara

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